Why Homebirth

Empowering Experience

Birth is a normal part of a woman's life and does not need to be over medicalized.  It is a sacred journey deep into the self in becoming selfless- a passage into womanhood.  It is a natural, normal, life process that changes you forever.  It is an empowering experience that gives you strength, power, humility and compassion for everyone.  A home birth embraces all of this.

Choosing Home Birth allows for a truly uninterrupted childbirth experience. You can enjoy the gentle surroundings of your own home throughout your entire labor & birth. You have ultimate freedom to choose how you will spend your labor and who will spend it with you. The lower levels of stress in women who experience childbirth in a familiar and comfortable environment have proven to lower complications for the mother and baby, naturally making your home the safest “Alternative.”

Atmosphere affects the body’s ability to release endorphins that can reduce pain. It affects the release of hormones that facilitate bonding with a new baby. Atmosphere can be connected to the progress of a labor, the level of stress involved, and even the likelihood of complications. It is one of the single largest factors that we can use to the benefit of the mother and child. A comfortable environment creates a safer and more satisfying birth experience.

Photo by Monique Paris
The Benefits of Home Birth with a Midwife

Be able to deliver in any position
Less chance of infection
No separation of mother & baby!
Water births available
Breastfeeding education
Newborn testing, in your home
Personalized relationship with your caregivers
Being able to choose who is at your birth, not limited to 2 people
Being part of the decision process, not a “patient” being managed
Ability to give birth in a relaxed, peaceful, & safe atmosphere that is familiar
Control of your environment with being able to eat, drink, move and be nude if you choose
Experience more natural comfort measures during labor such as warm showers or baths, massage, laboring and birthing in whatever position feels best, using herbs and alternative pain coping relaxants so your baby is more vigorous when born
Personalized care provided by a medical professional educated on how to keep a birth within a "normal standard" and who recognizes if a woman needs to be in the hospital
All your birth needs, including midwives, doulas, & equipment comes to you, ensuring total attention on you and your needs
Four long visits following the birth so all your concerns and questions are answered

Note on C-Sections

In the US today we are seeing an increase in C-sections along with the ability to elect  a C-Section with tummy tucks done immediately following the birth. Epidurals are mainstream, pitocin is the norm and most new doctors do not know what is "natural birth".  Who would have ever thought birth could have moved in this direction after all the work that was done for Natural Birth re-emerging back in the early 70’s. Let’s continue to work together to bring birth back to women and empowering them in their process to give birth vaginally in their own time. I believe babies must be born gently and consciously for change to happen on a global level. This is another reason why more women are choosing a homebirth.