Relaxation and Dilation in Water

Waterbirth has become more mainstream in the last 20 years because women want to utilize more ways of increasing the possibility of a pleasurable birthing experience than what has been offered throughout hospitals in the last century.

Because the C-section rate has climbed with the use of epidurals and drugs, women are looking for other ways to have safe births without the interventions.

 Women now a days want a birth tub available to use in labor with the possibility of birthing in a tub if it is appropriate.


 Benefits of Water Birth Include:     

*  Increased comfort
Eases labor contractions and discomfort
*  Can help to shorten labor
*  Facilitates mom to move more easily into different positions
*  Helps the mom to feel more in control
*  Provides a gentle transition for the baby
*  Can reduce perineal tears
*  Helps baby to maintain their heat more easily after birth

Water is the substance all around us, inside our bodies and outside our bodies. It soothes and relaxes us and transforms us.  Babies are bathed in amniotic fluid for the duration of gestation and when a baby is born into the water, it's like being squeezed through a tunnel out into this vast environment of liquid that caresses them and helps them to integrate the birth experience. Because water transmits energy, letting your baby move through the water after your birth can help your baby unfold into this life in a very secure and safe manner.

I have 2 tubs available for women who choose waterbirth. I'll come to your home before the birth with the tub, adapters for faucet, hose and tarp. I'll go over tub preparation so it will be easy for you once you are in labor to use the water to help you relax.