Leinani Vurno

The Birth of Leinani Vurno

Born September 29, 2009

'Our first child was born at the hospital, and our second was born at home. They both resulted in healthy babies but our home birth with Merrily nurtured the whole family. At home, I labored knowing my 2  year old son was safe and asleep in the next room. My husband and  mother were there to support me and witness Leinani’s birth. I was in my own space and I felt safe and comfortable.

With our first birth at hospital, I was fortunate to have the support of a wonderful doula, but I was still threatened with pitocin and forced to push over unfully dilated cervix to avoid pitocin. After an hour our son was born, then he was separated from me for over 2 hours.  The nurses refused to bring him in saying his temperature was not warm enough due the bath they insisted on giving him. My husband had to leave before Kai was back in my room since he was born at night and visiting hours were over. I was left alone with a severe episiotomy and a newborn. I had not changed many diapers prior to having our babies and trying to change his diaper for the first time with no support and sore was exhausting.

I enjoyed snuggling with him that first night only wishing my husband and my mom  had been able to be a part of it. After the birth, my OB did not want to see me for 6 weeks.  Which frankly totally freaked me out since I had this huge episiotomy.  Our pediatrician said he would see us in a week at his office. Our doula also a certified midwife came to see us the day after he was born, 3 days after, 5 days after, 7 days after, and 2 weeks after. She checked on me, my nursing, my episiotomy, my emotions and adjusting to caring for a newborn. She examined, measured and weighed my son. After the marked differences, we knew we would plan on a home birth for our second pregnancy.

When we were pregnant again, Merrily was our first choice due both to her reputation and being a certified nurse midwife. After our first meeting with her, we knew we had the right midwife. She was professional, warm, thorough and confident. In our prenatal appointments we had time and space to share our thoughts, excitement, and concerns. During my labor, Merrily was calming and powerful. I knew we were safe with her. Since we were at home, I was able to labor and birth in our bath tub.

After the birth of baby and placenta, I was back in my own bed snuggling and nursing our daughter. My husband and mother never had to leave. I was supported in caring for our newborn while healing and resting from my labor. Merrily stayed after the birth to thoroughly examine and evaluate our little girl, to monitor my bleeding, and insure we were all doing well. About 3 hours after Leinani was born, her big brother woke up and crawled into bed with us. He was so comfortable and able to enjoy holding and watching his little baby sister. Merrily gave our whole family such a beautiful gift of a safe home birth. We could never thank her enough. We continue to look to Merrily for guidance and help. We look forward to working with Merrily in future pregnancies. Merrily thank you, thank you, thank you!!'

Testimonial from Judy Christensen,

Leinani's grandmother

'When my grand son was born I had to wait in the hall of the hospital for almost 3 hours, not knowing anything, When Merrily delivered my grand daughter in our home I was there to support my daughter and son in law in this beautiful event. Merrily's care of my daughter was amazing. She knew just what to say to calm her and to help her throughout each phase.

Her prenatal care was family oriented in her home setting. The postnatal care was gentle and caring, and she came to our home. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and reassuring with any questions.



Mahalo for your amazing gift to Maui's families.'