Julian Jorden Mordret

The Birth of Julian Jordan Mordret

October 22, 2010  8:40pm  6 lbs. 12 oz

'Before educating myself on my birthing options, I always assumed that you HAD to have your baby in the hospital. I have never felt comfortable in a hospital setting and my fiance urged me to read up on natural birthing options and their benefits. After some research I decided that a home birth was the route for me.



I was so fortunate to have found Merrily and her assistant Jan. The prenatal care I received was so personal, and gave me the information I needed to be  confident in myself and my body's ability to birth naturally. Equally as important, is the confidence I have in Merrily.

Although I continued going to my OB for prenatal appointments, they were no where near as fulfilling as the hour long appointments I had with Merrily.

 The day of baby Julian's birth, I was calm and ready. From the beginning Merrily had fueled my confidence and put me in a great state of mind, so I felt prepared and excited when the big day arrived.


The option to birth at Merrily's home was such a blessing, considering I felt my home wouldn't be as comfortable. The atmosphere she provided was exactly what I needed. It was calm, and peaceful. I had brought over all the things that I felt would make my birthing experience memorable and I felt right at home the whole time. The support from Merrily and Jan before, during, and after the birth I feel would be unmatched by far against a hospital birth; and even though I could have done a hospital birth at no cost, I just don't believe I could put a price tag on the gentle, amazing way my baby was brought into the world.


From the beginning I knew I wanted to help deliver my baby.  I will never ever forget hearing Merrily tell me to reach down and finish delivering Julian. To be given the chance to do this was priceless to me. I know without a doubt, that the next time I'm pregnant I will be calling on Merrily.

Mahalo Merrily, you're the best :)'