The Gebb Family

The Gebb Family

Blake Gebb, Born Aug, 2007    Eden Gebb born October, 2009

I could write a book advocating home birth, its simply the most amazing and empowering experience you will ever have!  Merrily and Jan guide you thoughtfully through the birth process with their incredible knowledge and experience.  I felt immensely comfortable and safe giving birth to my two children at home and delighted to be away from an invasive environment.  The pre and post natal care and attention you receive is unparalleled.  Trust your body, trust the process and trust "The Dream Team" as Merrily and Jan are known by those of us who have had the pleasure of birthing with them.

Carrie & Ariel Gebb, Maui, Hawaii


Transition on the bed


 Gerber baby Eden 1 year

Blake and Eden window kissing

Baby Eden Gebb, minutes after birth

Blake hamming it up at home