If you are needing a consultation to determine who your birth attendant/midwife is, or decide if a homebirth is for you, I will give you a 30 minute free consult either on the phone or in person.

Prenatal Visits in the clinic setting are charged separately at a rate of $70.00 per hour (includes tax).

Home prenatal visits are charged at $100.00 per hour (includes tax) if you are wanting more privacy for your prenatal care.

The birth, 4 postpartum care visits, and assistant are included in one fee that is gone over in our first visit.

Homebirths on average run about one quarter the cost of a hospital birth if you were paying out of pocket.


Credit Cards are accepted through Paypal.  The fees that paypal charges will be in addition to your final bill.  To avoid these charges, please pay by check or cash.
Birth services and products can be selected for "check-out" on this website, which will go directly to Paypal.


Homebirths are not included on insurance plans in Hawaii.

If you have private insurance that will cover a homebirth, please contact me for additional details